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        1. Usage of mobile phone film cutting machine

             Mobile phone film cutting machine, also known as "mobile phone film cutting machine", can be divided into laser film cutting machine and blade film cutting machine according to the cutting method of the machine. Blade film cutting machine is loved by customers for its small volume, light weight, environmental friendliness, and quietness. Below, we will take the prospect of the C5 blade film cutting machine as an example to introduce the usage method of mobile phone film cutting machine in detail


          C5 blade type mobile phone film cutting machine


          Step 1: Long press the power button of the mobile phone film cutting machine for three seconds



          Step 2: After about 30 seconds, the mobile film cutting machine will enter the login interface. Registered accounts can be logged in directly, while those without accounts can be registered using their phone number and email. The device serial number is required for registration, which is located at the back of the machine.



          Step 3: Select the desired language. The mobile film cutter supports over 10 commonly used international languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and more.

          Step 4: The C5 mobile film cutting machine supports offline cutting. Before leaving the factory, the machine has a large amount of built-in drawing data. Users can register and start using the machine after receiving it. Generally, they can manually download the newly added mobile phone drawings within a few months